About Me



Being a teenager I was sure I can choose any profession to become but not a medical one – because I was not capable to look at blood! That is why I did not choose Latin language in school, which is a must in Germany for studying medicine. Now I regret it sometimes. But already at the age of 12 years my suffering started, I got swollen, inflamed knees with strong pains on both sides under strain. The doctors called it first – growing up problems and they gave me creams for the pain and radiation therapy and later as well electric shocks. It was a torture and I could not take part in most of the school sport activities and other sport. I even have been told by the doctors at a later stage that I could end up in a wheel chair.



After finishing my studies of tourism in Austria I worked in the southern part of Germany in Bavaria. With 23 years I developed itching, red and hot spots on upper arms, chest and throat. Several doctors which I contacted and their treatment with creams, tinctures, tablets and even Cortisone could not give me relieve or even minimize the skin rush. Allergy-tests done by them did not give any answers. The traditional medicine could not help me. I decided to go to a natural healer and find private help. The professional natural healer in a famous suburb of Munich prescribed me -among other pills- mercurius-tablets, which main ingredient is homeopathic mercury. These tablets could finally – for some minutes- give me relieve from the strong itching but I was allowed only one tablet every 20 minutes. I did not get further explanations  from the natural healer and herbalist. Parallel to this I decided to look deeper into this matter and to take my recovery and with it the responsibility for my health, in my hands. I started an education at the “German Paracelsus School” in Munich to learn for “natural healer for animals”. We have been the second class who started with this education and therefore no books regarding healing of animals did exist. We learned about the organs and other systems of the body with the books existing for humans and learned the same as for the natural study of humans.



I learned the basic rule of Samuel Hahnemann, the pioneer of homeopathy - the similarity-rule. “similar cures similar”. It means the symptoms caused by the health problem are compared to symptoms which a highly diluted toxin is creating in a healthy person. This high diluted called “potency” toxin, when it would give the same symptoms to a healthy person, cures the symptoms showing in the ill person. Since mercurius – which is diluted mercury – could help me so much I was sure I most have lead and maybe other toxins in my body. But I did not know where and where from. I spoke to doctors, professors, called hospitals with the hope to find another spur to my problem. A spoke-woman of a hospital told me that they can find out on dead bodies – through testing hair samples.  I did not want to wait so long. After some searching I found an institute which could test a hair sample of mine and I got it finally in written how high my body was poisoned. The tests showed that I had 22times higher mercury in my body than normal, additionally some other higher values – lead, zinc, silver. Proudly I took the results to my practitioner with the idea he would know where it is from and how to get rid of it. But neither he nor his professor at the university could help me. I was again left alone with the research. Please do not forget we had the year 1985 and nothing could be found in the internet at that time.


Finally I found out that it could only be my 16 fillings in my teeth which I had since young age. They have been made from amalgam, a mixture of mercury, silver, lead and zinc… I decided to search for a dentist who would take them out in two sessions and replacing them with a neutral filling so that I could test for the final one. I decided to learn acupuncture because I did not want an injection and definitely not in the sensible area of the gums. In a Chinese book of the medical university I detected the frequency for analgesic and bought a soft-laser to use in acupuncture instead of needles.  Through the whole time of drilling out all 16 fillings I applied the soft-laser on the DI-4 points (large intestine nr.4) of both hands and had no pain and no need for an injection. And the miracle happened –not only the rush and itching on my body disappeared – as well I could get out of the chair of the dentist without pain in both of my knees!


From that moment on I was sure that Arthritis and Osteoarthritis are mainly caused by Amalgam-fillings in the teeth. And during my long years in working with clients it shows that there are other illnesses e.g. Morbus Crohn (chronic inflammation of the layers of the intestines) where amalgam plays a role with. Already in those early years it was my goal to free other people from their health problems by searching for the root cause of it and do specific therapies.


After I finished the education for a natural healer for animals I stopped my full-time work as representative and press officer for the tourist board of Bavaria to have more time for my 4-legged and feathery friends. I found a half-day job in the institute of Mr. Brüggemann doing telephone-marketing. By taking part in all their seminars, for dentists, gynecologists, acupuncturists and others I gained new insides of alternative healing methods. Calling medical professionals all over Germany I had to interest them in taking part in one of the seminars. I even got a bioresonance-computer to use and get experience on animals like dogs, cats, horses, and feathery ones. These experiences I was allowed to talk about on a big international congress for veterinarians in Germany. As well I could test the multicom-computer which applies colors and musical-tones for healing on the body. On one of the seminars I met an Austrian veterinarian who offered me to get self employed and found a company with him together. The veterinarian was obsessed with the idea of curing all health problems with frequencies and studied the frequency for each chakra. With own developed small computers the chakra, which was related to the area of the health problem, got exposed to its healthy frequency over several hours. This small computer could as well detox the body from mercury and other toxins. I went to his village in Austria and saw for myself how ill people were queuing with patience to get a free therapy by the veterinarian. I moved to his place in Schladming and founded a company called medtec –Deutschland at the boarder of Salzburg on German site. For the proper use of the small computer it was necessary to use one of the testing methods. The resonance-testing method was the easiest and quickest to learn for most of the people. We did nearly every weekend a seminar covering all big towns of Germany and Austria. I taught the tensor-testing to the participants which where medical doctors and healers and my partner explained his method with the small computer and did a lot of therapies as well. Many bought not only one small computer, they bought several because it needed a few hours therapy in one go. Unfortunately I was used several times as a “Guiney pig” and he injected me medication in acupuncture points and tried new frequencies on me. He was obsessed to cure anything and even travelled to India to work for a few weeks in a hospital and treat the people with his method. I decided to stop at that point and sold medtec-Germany to him. In March 1995 I left Germany with all my belongings to live in Cyprus.


I want to mention my two mentors from Germany, Dr.med Horst Sachsse from Wörthsee and Anna Uzun, natural healer, from Munich; both unfortunately deceased.

Dr. Horst Sachsse convinced me at my first steps as a healer how important it is to use a testing method. He himself worked excellent with the pulse-test method and introduced me to the use of nosodes (homeopathicly diluted toxins, bacteria and viruses- originally used for injections) to find out the root cause of an illness. I got the chance to assist him and travel with him to several seminars because he could not walk caused by a heart failure. He introduced me and showed me how to detect running water and measuring radiation of the earth and lay lines. He wrote several  booklets  „Chaos und Fraktale“, „Wie geht es Ihnen?“ and „Traum oder Wirklichkeit“, published by  Verlagsgemeinschaft Anarche, Wörthsee-Walchstadt. In one of his booklets he writes about me as “Charmanta”. “Charmanta is like a fly fallen into a glass of milk. She thrashes about until a piece of butter raises out of the milk and she is rescued…”


Anna Uzun learned with me together for the examination to become an official natural healer. Further on I had my first spiritual experiences being in her house. Her husband used to work at a cemetery and quite often when I learned with her in her house, all over sudden we heard different types of noises like rattling and hammering. Sometimes the radio started or the door or window opened without us doing anything. She used to tell me than that her husband brought a “spirit” with him from the cemetery and showed me how to send it into the light. She learned in a special school at the river Rhine in Koblenz– years ago – before we met,  how to get into contact with spirits and to help them. She introduced me into that and warned me as well of the difficulty and responsibility of this task. Anna has been always a very good friend to me.


I am grateful to my momentary mentor, Yoannis K. from Limassol/Cyprus, who is capable to answer all my spiritual questions because of his high consciousness level.  On top of it - he is patient and has always an open ear and a helping hand. Thank you Yoannis.