Free presentation of Dao Yoga during a weekend Yoga retreat in Larnaca in May 2015.


 Dao Yoga is a purely spiritually yoga and has been practiced by Tibetan and Chinese monks thousands of years ago. It was secretly used because of its high value and only introduced to the monk when he has reached a special grade of consciousness. Its origin and as well the exercises have been written in Sanskrit-language. After discovery and translation of the Sanskrit-scrolls the knowledge was accessible to us.


The main purpose of Dao Yoga is the accumulation and use of Devine energy in a spiritual way. This energy is then used by each person individual to heal physical problems step by step and to collect and build up more life force. Next to physical wellbeing and consciously activation of self healing-power a spiritual development process takes place.


From my experience I can clearly say that doing Dao Yoga regularly keeps the open-and closing mechanism of the chakras in perfect function and condition as well as it keeps them turning in the correct direction.


Joining the Dao-Yoga seminar you learn different exercises which are all done by sitting on a chair using breathing- and concentration techniques. You learn different ways of perception of energy and how to guide these energies with your own willpower through different channels of your body, cleaning and undoing blockages. Not only physical as well psychological blockages will be solved and regularly performing the exercises will be preventing and stabilizing.

The experiences of the participants have proved that most of the parameters in the body become normal because positive changes happen at cell level. That gives the chance to reduce or even stop regularly taken medication and supplements after talking to the doctor or therapist in charge.


You learn to increase spiritual and physical life-force and build up divine energy. This loving divine energy will be used for self healing. We work with this energy to become a physical healthy and divine being.


Dao Yoga is best to learn in 3 steps. If all the exercises are learned at once it is confusing for a lot of participants. That is why it is ideal to learn it being on a holiday here in Cyprus. On three mornings you learn all exercises in theory and practice and have the afternoon free for leisure and fun with your family on the beach.



About Dao-Yoga