It is not only in daily life very useful to be able to test but in the medical area it should be imperative to search for the cause of symptoms and trouble. Unfortunately in the traditional medicine most times pills are prescribed year by year because the pharmaceutical industry is making most of the benefits and passing some to the doctors; Instead of taking time when doing the first medical examination and trying to question and find answers for the health problems. Of course there are a few exceptions among the doctors who try their best – within the rules of the system – and use sometimes alternative methods. The insurances hardly pay for these methods and therefore it can be paid only privately. Therapists, doctors and natural healers who have best results in healing are all using one or more testing methods to find as quick as possible the root cause and test as well for the best method of treatment.


These testing-methods are mainly used: EAV-Test, Pulse-Test, Kinesiology-Test, Tensor-Test.

The EAV-Test (electro-acupuncture-test after Mr. Voll) is measuring at the corners of finger-nails and toe-nails the condition of each organ by using a machine. Food samples and other substances or nosodes can be tested as well. The machine is showing the amplitude which can give information about an over- or under function of the organ. Up to 10 different substances can be tested on the same point otherwise the point will be over stimulated.


The Chinese Pulse-Test (RAC) shows different qualities of the pulse like soft, hard, in rhythm, strong…If the client  takes a food sample or medication in the hand a change of pulse quality will show if the sample is good for him/her or not.


The Kinesiology-Test is using an indicator muscle (in most cases the deltoideus-muscle of the upper-arm) for testing. Every muscle needs energy to be strong. The test shows if the energy send by the brain will reach the muscle or if there is a blockage. The arm tests weak or strong. For example: A glass of milk is given into the hand of the client and the tester puts slightly pressure on the other arm of the client, if the client cannot keep the arm up, he suffers from milk-allergy. Even touching the glass of milk weakens him. …With this testing method the client experiences her/himself what strengthens or weakens her/him. As a surrogate-test this test can be done as well for small children and animals. I am testing on the arm of the mother for the child or animal during the mother has contact to the child or animal.


The tensor-test is a biophysical testing method similar to the biofield-test. It is the easiest and most economic way to test many substances as food samples, vitamins, minerals, medication, cosmetic probes … in a short time.


What are the advantages to know how to test?

I see it as the following: I compare the body of a person with a cooking pot. If full.. it overflows and with the person the symptoms appear. What would you do than? You would take as many things as possible out of the cooking pot. This way it will take longer to fill up again. At the bottom of the pot we have the genetic heritage, what we have got from our parents. We can barely change that. But then some more levels of fillings will come which we can influence and in most times eliminate. To cut it short here only a listing: overcome from diseases and infections like bacteria, viruses, fungus, mycoses (e.g. Candida), parasites….Another level of our pot/body is filled with food intolerances and allergies which can be tested with everyone. The next level is filled with additives from the food industry e-numbers, artificial flavors, enhancers, colors and chemicals or treatment methods for longer lasting. The body saves as well the following: Influences from the environment for eg. Electrosmog through wireless LAN, mobile phones, antennas radar, geopathic stress at the sleeping place, running water under the bed-place, Curry-net and Hartmann-net, and fills with this our pot more and more – as mentioned in our example- representing the body.  Further on the pot is filled with blockages caused by scars, vaccinations, traumas (psychic shocks) and spine blockages. Last but not least it should not be forgotten that more or less regularly taken remedies like painkiller, cortisone, antibiotics, blood pressure reducer, hormone-pill, anti-cholesterine pills, heart pill, stomach pill always contain additives which cannot be swept out, they will stay in the body for good. As well as it takes for the liver years to cut those chemicals off and sweep it out through the help of the kidneys. Do not underestimate the slowly “poisoning” by amalgam-fillings in the teeth (please read more in “about me”). The body is slowly filled by this “levels” over the years that is the reason why symptoms and regressing problems seldom start in younger people. Young people have most of the times their full power of resistance until after time and time the resistance of the body becomes resigned and cries for help by showing symptoms. And what is the answer to the symptoms by the traditional medicine? In most cases more drugs are prescribed as if the liver, the kidneys, the stomach do not have enough to go through….

In my practice the client will be tested 45 minutes with the kinesiology-test and I get yes and no answers (hard or soft muscle) from the body following the scheme above. Additionally I test with my Bioresonance-device the weak organs. Than the hierarchy of what needs to be done is tested and determined. The healing of the body works much quicker if the body is respected and treated following the hierarchy given by the arm-test. I test as well if Bioresonance is the best method for the client. Sometimes additionally methods like homeopathy, acupuncture, Pranic healing and psycho-kinesiology are needed as well. In most cases 5 to 7 follow on therapies are enough to nearly empty the “pot” of the client. Already after the first treatment the client says “it feels easier and lighter”. The symptoms disappear one after another after some therapies.

The vitamin-mineral and trace-element test and the test of the 680 nosodes (bacteria and viruses and fungus) will be done as a first step with the tensor. It is the quickest way and does not make the clients muscle tired.


Here a choice of programs which can be tested and treated with the bioresonance-computer:


Main – Organ -Test

Liver, Kidneys, several Heart programs, Lungs, Lymphatic system, Intestines, Flora of Intestines, Stomach, Diabetes, several Thyroid programs


Circulation and Hormone-Test

Circulatory problems in the Head, Brain, Ear, Angioma, Hormone-Inbalances,

Low blood pressure, heart muscle support, heart beat improvement, Numbness, Dizziness, Thyroid enlarged, Thyroid overfunction, Thyroid activation, Thymus


Mobility of Spine – Muscles – Ligaments - Joints

Disc degeneration, Disc prolapsed, Hip rotation limited, Lumbal, Neck syndrome, Foot-joint, Bone-pain, Muscle-coordination, Muscle-pain, Nerve-pain, Rheumatic-pain, between Shoulders-pain


Blockages and other sources of Irritation - Test

Vaccinations, Geopathy, Scars, energetic inbalances (cold feet-syndrome), other Blockages, Nosoden (bacteria, viruses, medication) Mycoses/Fungicidals, Deficiences, Hormone disturbances, Toxins


Teeth – Gums – Roots

Test for fillings, root problems, source of irritation and therapy with nosodes

Material-testing of bridges, prostheses

Test of dental nosodes


Vitamin-Mineral-Trace Elements - Test

Test for 80 different elements in deficiency and abnormal high levels –

Test for substitution and mal-absorption problem


Personalized Test

Bring me your own : Cosmetic products, washing detergents, jewellery… And I test if they are in harmony with you or not good for you