On top in the black panel, between HOME and DEUTSCH, you find the SHOP with items chosen and recommended by me and proved worthwhile over years. They are individual and single manufactured. It is important to me that I know the persons who create the items and that I know they have love for details and  the material.

A tensor is a testing device which allows you to do an easy, quick and precise test.

It proved that really everyone can learn testing; who can behave neutral which means has no prejudices during the testing in mind. But a chronically ill person has less personal energy and is therefore not capable to do more than a few tests in one go. That is why it is for them even more important to find the most suitable tensor. I offer different models of tensors to choose from because the material of the grip is important to have a stronger or weaker reaction and movement of the tensor and of course the strength of the antenna plays a role. For example someone who has many silver amalgam-fillings in the teeth goes better along with an aluminum-grip than a brass grip of the tensor. If you wear exclusively silver jewelry than a tensor with aluminum-grip will be the one for you. Each material has its own frequency and should harmonize with our own. That is the first step for a successful testing.


Experience over the years has shown that there is a universal length for tensors where all different tests (mentioned in my seminar offer) can be done with. I am not a big fan of the pendulum but experienced pendulum users have as well different length of the chain to test for different materials or to search for a specific material (water/gold). Accordingly the antennas of tensors have different length. The short travel tensors which can be taken as well for shopping are meant to be an additional tensor because they are not as precise as the universal size.


Position in hand: The experience of many seminars has proved that it is an advantage if the grip of the tensor is touched by all fingers of the hand and if possible even touch it with the palm of your hand. The energy is easier passing and shows a good reaction of the tensor. Some tensors have a small grip, which can only hold by thumb and indicator finger or thumb and middle finger. For advanced testers it does not create a problem.


Tip: It should be unnecessary to say that all metal objects like jewelry, coins in pocket, belt and watch with batteries … should be removed from the body before the testing. Mobile phones shall be switched off. As well the test should not take place next to plugs or under lamps and close to other electro-magnetic field creating devices. Except if you are on my seminar and we test the effect (see advanced testing seminar).

It is recommended to wash hands before coming into contact with the tensor, the term for it is to “de-ode” the hand. It is meant to have “neutral” hands and not touched or dried by a towel that has been touched by a lot of other people; better use paper towels. It results in not borrowing the tensor to others otherwise it is recommended to wipe the grip with pure alcohol to undo the imprints of a person. (Alcohol is not recommended to use for wiping a grip of mother of pearls, carneol or a crystal). If you use your tensor only for yourself you will find out another advantage. The grip can accumulate and store the energy of the person who touches it regularly (metal grips have more capacity to accumulate the energy than bamboo or wood). That means after some month of use you will find out how much quicker and easier the tensor reacts and you will feel the movement already in your hand before you see it.

EMF Protection Ampules and – Blocks

These protection ampules have undergone different tests and last over some years without losing their power. They contain a liquid which is used in radiation therapy. Since more than 20 years I test everything which I get my hands on and which sells as a protection for EMF; such as substances, stickers, pictures and even devices which can be plugged in the mains and should make the whole room or house safe. I test as well on fares with the kinesiology-Test. Unfortunately 99% of all even the “build in mobile phone” devices are nonsense and offer not the slightest protection! That is why I can only advice everyone to learn testing for themselves (look at my seminar offers). At the end of my basic seminar everybody can test the field of a switched on mobile phone without and with protection. That persuades the people not only from their own capability to test but as well from the protection effect of the ampules.


Examples for the use of the ampules

One single ampule is efficient to protect a plug which is in a 1 meter radius from the bed or chair. The ampule can be fixed with tape direct on the plug.

For the screen of the computer one ampule is sufficient and can be taped at the frame of the screen. That reduces the field to about 20 cm and no one sits so close in front. Same applies for a TV if you sit or lay closer than 2 meters in front of it, the TV should be secured with an ampule. A block is needed if you have children sitting close in front of the TV, receiver, DVD or video.

For the hardware of the computer a box with 4 ampules is necessary. The box can be put on top and therefore used somewhere else (on the body, pocket or handbag) if the computer is not in use.

To be sure that you are not affected by the mobile phone of other people it is strictly recommended that you carry a block with you (on your body or handbag). (In my article you get to know that each mobile phone is automatically sending a strong impulse every so and so many minutes to its basic station- antenna-mast.)The block is as well easy to fix with “blue tack” on your own mobile and can be removed at any time without getting harm. The last models of smart-phones as the apple I-phone need only a small block – with 2 ampules if you use them only for phoning. When surfing in the internet a big block is necessary to guaranty an amount of protection.


1 to 2 ampules are sufficient to reduce the EMF field of an compact fluorescent bulb to about 60 cm. If you sit closer than 60 cm under the bulb you should fix an extra ampule with tape close to it.

Do not forget that portable phones in the house have the worst “radiation”. They have an 8 meter field which penetrates through walls as well. Similar to the mobile phone the portable phone receives a signal every so and so many minutes from its basic station, all the time!, even if not in use. (That is why so many people do feel miserable when using a train or bus together with a lot of other people. Most of the mobile phones change when travelling their receiving antenna station at the same time and get connected to a nearer one and that is giving us a full impact and attack to our health. If for example 30 persons with mobile phones are travelling with you, they will receive all together the new signal when it automatically changes it receiver-station. You can imagine how strong the signal will reach you and if you sense it consciously or not – your body will do! In the weakest case it will make you only “tired” and gives you a “lack of concentration”. Most of the people experience a slightly sickness and pressure in the head up to headaches. Due to their missing of mass children are worse affected. Their immune system is in young years stronger and gives them some resistance but unfortunately it is only postponed and they have to suffer later. (read as well in my lectures about this)   


Energized Amulets


Since years I devote my attention to the Russian Grigori Grabovoi. He is an extraordinaire Mathematician, Specialist of Energy-Informatics, Healer and he has the sight. Official documents of the UNO prove his success. Among other prices he achieved from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of the hands of the former Nobel price carrier, Pawlow, a silver medal for “the development of medicine and health service”…. Next to a method which is based on a combination of numbers, which influence in a positive way the healing of each cell and groups of cells (organs), he found out and developed combination of numbers which harmonize in an emergency. All of his detections he put – free of charge – for everybody in the internet. But it is not easy to find and search for the main information since not all info is in all languages available. Meanwhile in seminars are offered by pupils of Grabovoi in Germany and Austria and some are online in English available. My knowledge is put together in some years knowledge from a week`s seminar to most of his books and videos and most important: I used it in practice.

Beside that the ampules have a limit and we receive “radiation” not only from the household used devices but we are sometimes intentional exposed to specific rays and frequencies, I needed to look for a program which can offer a higher protection. I found it with Grabovoi and it is his “extruder”. During the last years I gave the information from Grabovoi how to initiate the extruder followed by how to re-activate it every day, to everyone in my - at first free of charge- circle for consciousness growth. That is why I received from the participants a regularly feedback. I, myself could as well test and find out how strong and to which extend the extruder can protect with each of my participants. And I experienced the following interesting issue. A higher grade of consciousness of a person can create a bigger and stronger extruder and therefore can protect a larger area. The extruder will be erected over strong radiating objects like mobile phone antennas, masts and transformer stations or as well direct over a small town. In that case protected people have a better sleep, can concentrate better and their houses are easier for sale, most probably because the atmosphere is more harmonic. Of course our governments and their extended arms don`t stop with their development and that is why I had to arrange and shape the extruder a bit accordingly.

Shortly I will be in a position to integrate the program of the extruder, his energy and his protection into a piece of jewelry, which protects its bearer from different types of “frequency attacks”. It makes it unnecessary to re-activate the program each day.


Further more energized amulets with other programs will follow.