Alamnit – Transformer Crystal

Experiences and studies from many years came together in the process of developing this unique Crystal.


The crystal is for all those of you who do not want to eat food which contains unnatural substances, has undergone radiation, is chemical treated and effected by chem-trails and nano particles.


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How does the Alamnit-Crystal work?

Within a radius of 5 m the Alamnit-Crystal has a protection function for all beings under “normal” daily radiation/pollution. If the radiation or pollution increases the Alamnit-Crystal shall be worn closer to the body. Under normal conditions the Alamnit-Crystal can be left home if you are not longer than maximum 8 hours out of the 5 m zone of the Crystal. It can be carried in a handbag or left in the car. It is not advisable to wear the Alamnit-Crystal on the body. This needs to be tested in each individual case. Each body reacts differently.



Food and drinks which are influenced by chemtrails and nano-particles or other radiation can be put close to the little bag containing the Alamnit-Crystal – for example food on a plate – or a glass/cup/bottle with a drink – the time needed for the transformation is 90 seconds. After 90 seconds the food/drink can be consumed without worries within 4 minutes (beyond that the Alamnit has to lie next to it). Next to it means: 2 cm up to 10 cm distance from the Alamnit to the plate/cup. The little bag containing the Alamnit can be placed between two or more plates/bottles and remain there during the meal, if the 2 cm up to 10 cm are used. Then the 4 minutes are of course not valid. The size of the plate does not matter – normal ordinary plates were used in our tests.    


The food and beverages shall not be in plastic containers or aluminum cans and tins; and not closed with lids or other closings. Glass, porcelain and ceramic as a base are functioning perfectly.


How was the Alamnit-Crystal created?


In the first step the Crystal was “cleaned” from imprints and influences. Then the Crystal was charged to its maximum capacity.


In the second step an “extruder²” was created by me, which had a specific strong protection and regeneration capacity. Tests and practical experiences have proved this.


In the third step I add to the extruder an additional combination of numbers developed by Grigori Grabovoi. Grabovoi had tested these numbers to be the best and safe for protection for this purpose. Several extruders with the numbers are placed by me inside the Crystal.


In the fourth step the work is done in other levels of dimension – which can be done only by someone with high consciousness-grade – the extruders are programmed, activated and fixed by me to do their work for eternity. The Alamnit-Crystal does not need to be activated regularly like the ordinary extruder. This Crystal is therefore programmed to work for eternity!


In the fifth and last step the original Crystal gets the task to support the extruders in their work. Only then the Alamnit is created.


It takes several hours work by me to turn a normal Crystal into one unique Alamnit-Crystal which is ready for use!



Why a Crystal?


The Crystal is the base and functions as a host for the extruder. A Crystal is a powerful element from the earth and these ones I have are pure and easy to use.


What does the extruder do?


The extruder is programmed to transform chemical, unnatural changes, frequencies, radiation being in the air, water and food into harmonic ones according to the norm of the Creator. The extruder regenerates recently happened strain by harmonizing the “chakras³”.





If you know you have some food on your plate which is normally indigestible for you - put it for a minimum of 90 seconds next to the little bag containing the Alamnit and consume it within 4 minutes – you will be astonished what happens. I tested it with cow milk which I have as my main allergy - and I had no negative side effects – as I normally would have. Also other people testing the Alamnit reported similar positive reactions with their former indigestible food. Of course this should not be used to consume now everything which was indigestible before in high dose (as cigarettes for example). Tests of this kind - with allergens – will be done at own risk because there have not been enough studies regarding this “side-effect”. Further studies about this positive side-effect need to be done and I appreciate your feedback when using the Alamnit.  Tests have shown the following: Someone with cow-milk allergy can have a glass of cow-milk after the milk has been for 90 sec. next to the Alamnit and is consumed within 4 minutes. But if you have two allergies - for example wheat and cow-milk and you want to eat a piece of cake containing cow-milk and wheat - it will not work. It only works with one allergen at a time! Since this is “only” a side-effect it is better for me to program individual Crystals for health-purposes.


If the Alamnit-Crystal in its little bag is put during night time next to the bed it will automatically start – within the 5 m zone – to regenerate the aura closest to the body. Then the chakras (main energy-centers) will be worked on. The chakras – according to its neediness – will be brought into a harmonic state- according to the norm of the Creator. The regeneration can need sometimes more than one night.


Some of the testing persons mentioned an intensification of their perception, which happened by an opening of the third eye. This took place when they were holding the Alamnit for a short time in the hand.


I want to stress once more explicitly that the Alamnit was created to transform radiation and other negative and not natural frequencies. It is not created and meant for healing purposes. Regeneration and harmonization of inner aura and all chakras are a “side-effect” and do not change or heal damage which has already been done to organs or the body.


For other purposes I can program individual different Crystals with extruders and numbers.


This information and experiences are dated April 2018




If the Alamnit-Crystal is worn – without being tested – for several hours on the body (or direct on the clothing for example with a safety pin needle through the small holes) it can happen that the lymph vessels and glands in the area where the Alamnit is worn get swollen. This swelling will disappear some hours after the removal of the Alamnit from the body. There is no need to worry but better to avoid.


The price for one Alamnit-Crystal is for the first 50 pieces only 99,90 € plus packing and sending. Have in mind that you eventually need to wait a few days until your Alamnit-Crystal is ready.

²Extruder is a program which was given to us for our benefit by the Creator. The Russian Grigori Grabovoi, professor of mathematics, engineer, far sighted and author of several books has presented this method on seminars. The extruder is a holy geometrical figure and varies in form and size according to its purpose. Extruders can be created to protect houses, farmland and beings. Extruders can be – created very small –as so called “micro-extruder” put into the body for healing purposes. An extruder cleans and transforms negative energy and brings everything back to the norm of the Creator. Extruders can be installed by anybody – who knows the correct method – but will work only for about 24 hours – then the extruder need to be activated again or stops working.



³Chakra/Chakras are energy-centers which supply the surrounding organs with energy. The main chakras are located under the skin on a line in the middle of the torso on the front side and back side of the torso. In the best case they close when the environment becomes “unhealthy” to protect the body. Their opening- and closing mechanism is disturbed in most cases. The chakras should be equal in their size which is hardly ever the case.