Why is it important to grow mentally and spiritual as well?


How have we developed in the go of the evolution, we are mutated from the apes over the Neandertaler to an office person. We do not box and fight physical with each other –most times- but use other methods to get what we want. Through the industrialization mankind had to adapt to the environment and change the behavior. Therefor it is archaic to believe we only need to educate our mind and not to further develop our mind and spirit.


Most of the people are in a constant circle of work, food consumption, leisure time and sleep. Day by day the same rhythm. For the majority of people this is totally normal and they fill in this schema and live their life in this trot year by year. They do not know otherwise and are more similar in their behavior to animals than to conscious, mindful and spiritual humans.   For those who are satisfied with their life and want to stay on their level, this website is not meant to be.


But those people, who have felt deep inside, that there must be something else, that this cannot be all in life, those who are searching and have not found fulfillment yet, those who ask for the sense of life, for all of you I can say from the depth of my heart, you are right here, you are very much welcome here and you will get some nudges here from me and some stimulation and ideas. And those of you who want to grow and live quicker and more intense I recommend warmly to you to come and visit me here in Cyprus to get answers to your questions from me in one to one talks or on a seminar and climb some steps on the spiritual ladder.


You keep your body fit, you learn and develop your intellect but what are you doing for your spiritual growth?


What is hindering us to grow steadily?


We all are educated and trained to act responsible especially to our family. For that reason it is for us natural and normal that we put our needs at the end and that we are always anxious that our family, our partner and our children are all right. There is seldom much time left and the little time left is mostly used for regeneration of our energy and rarely for education of our mind and spirit. The least of all people have that in mind.


Additionally making it more difficult, our society is set up and can be easier lead if the nation and with it each single person, honestly carries out his/her work, nothing questions, pays his/her taxes and duties in time, invests further money in the economy, and further keeps his/her mouth shut. So that no one breaks out of the working-cycle, regularly taxes are increased or new invented. New products are meant to be from beginning to have a weak spot so that they have a failure after short time of use. That is how they regulate, steer and control our behavior as consumer. We have to buy again and again and pay again and again. Everybody has to make an inevitably effort to keep his/her standard or to improve it.


What is the idea of mental and spiritual growth?


Everybody knows the blinkers of a horse which are fixed in a way that the horses are only looking to the front and not to the sides. The horse only realizes what it happening ahead of it and not what is going on next to it. That way the horse does not get scared, distracted and it makes headway. We humans have such blinkers as well; I call them a “blind”. This blind is more open or close depending on the consciousness level of a person. Through exercises, applied insight and realization in accordance with appropriate handling of life it is possible to open the blind more and more. There are different ways of testing how far this blind is open in each single person. I am testing it with a muscle test – kinesiology-test – direct with the person. It can be tested also with a tensor. Those who know well how to use a tensor or a pendulum and can rely on their results; they can test the consciousness-level for themselves. How to use a tensor can be learned easily on one of my seminars. A wider opening of the blind makes the person realizing more the effect which his/her acting has to others or the environment, even the spoken word. And the person realizes it before he/she acts.


An example can make it clearer. Someone throws an empty chips-bag out of the window of a car or into a field when walking around. This is done only by people on the lowest level of consciousness. (Similar to an lower animal which does not care where it leaves it pooh. Not to mention animals which are trained…) When the blind opens further the human sees how the rubbish is accumulating in the nature and environment if everybody would do that. A further opening shows the human that the rubbish does not dissolve in air but has to disintegrate, has to become one with nature to dissolve in the ground. Again a further opening of the blind will lead to the realization that the ground will be poisoned by all the plastic softener and other chemical ingredients in the plastic rubbish… and later something is put to grow in the ground and we receive the entire chemical residues back in our food chain.  Important note: The point is not the education we got and the trained proper behavior. In this case the point is that our behavior is guided because we realize already –even before we do or say something- what effects - our deeds and action have. That is the idea of opening the blind and expand and rise the grade of consciousness. This is the understanding of mental and spiritual growth. (Having read so far your consciousness-grade must be already higher than the grade of the average of the people)


Spiritual growth is a personal growth, you do it for yourself!


The 33-grade model


Some years ago I watched a u-tube video of Axel Klitzke, with the title, “das Gizet-Plateau”.  It is about the construction of the pyramids, its background and mathematical formula and includes next to scientific explanations further going declarations with spiritual content. Around the end of the video Axel Klitzke talks about the levels and examinations which had to be passed by the pupils in old Egyptian time. I have examined it in my way and found out that the 33 grades of consciousness can be applied nowadays as well. This method explains why we are happy and capable to talk hours and hours with one person and feel uncomfortable and find no common interest with others. We start from the top, knowing that Jesus had consciousness grade 33, which is the highest to reach. We do not start to count from grade 0 because there are as well grades below 0, the minus grades. Those people behave egoistic and are self-centered and always atheists. It is difficult to get along with them, and they stay most times among themselves. It is painful to see how these people behave and bring sorrow to other people and animals and have to suffer at a later stage inevitably for that. The figures I tested for the date today, June 25th 2015 are the following:


43% of the population has at the moment a consciousness grade between 1 and 3.

18 % of the population has today a consciousness grade between 3 and 6.

9 % of the population is at the moment on a consciousness grad under 1 and minus. The “population” I have tested for was restricted to our zone, to EU-countries only.


However it is always for everyone possible to grow mentally and spiritually. My seminars and counseling via skype confirm how the participants and their situation in life changes through a different spiritual attitude. You can receive more information in my seminars and via skype and you and me can test your grade of consciousness as well. 


What can I do if I sense deep down that I want more than the average person?


First of all you should get clear about that you have a right of developing your own self and that you need some time for yourself to do it. Neither should you feel like being talked into a bad conscience, nor should set up a bad conscience for yourself. Examine how you arrange your day and find some space and time – minimum half an hour which you can use in different ways.

Now it depends on where your field of interest is and how much knowledge and experience you already have (On which consciousness-grade you start…). You suppose to have fun and interest in doing it and not to take it as a duty. A quicker increase in consciousness is of course more time consuming because of the exercises but you know already, you can come and spend your holiday here in Cyprus and see me for intensive and individual coaching. Further down I will list some things which might rouse your interest. There is of course much more and there is more than one path you can walk along to lead you to your aim. I can write here only for everybody generalized. I want to point out that I am sure some of the things I mention here will be deterrent for some of you. But it is always as this, what brings some people on their path will irritate other people and make them stop their path.

Finally listen deep down inside of you, what could rouse your interest; go into a good book store (please no electronic books which need wifi) (LINK EINFÜGEN precautions for WLAN) and let your intuition guide you when choosing a book. You can study courses of adult evening classes or private seminars, which refer to meditation and realization of the self. Pay attention what food you are living on, or refer to this theme if you have to catch up with it.


I personally find it extremely important to learn a method where you can be independent from the opinion of others and find out for yourself what is good for you and what not. Therefore is the most important ability– in my eyes – that you learn a testing-method. It is always better if you don `t have to depend on recommendations, statements of other people or even follow someone else`s path. But test for yourself what is the best for you and how you should decide; to be independent of the opinions of other people. It does not matter which testing method you make good use of, important is that you can rely on the result and you can reproduce it. Good methods are: kinesiology-test, tensor-test, pulse-test and eventually, if you are good in that – testing with a pendulum. Out of longstanding experience and because I did 22 years ago tensor seminars in all big towns of Germany and Austria, I can say that tensor testing is quickest and easiest to learn.  The advantage is that there are different models of tensors made from different materials in different length. Everybody can find a suitable one by testing all different kinds. If you follow some guidelines and train a bit you have reproducible results with the fitting tensor. On a 3-hours practical and theoretical seminar 99% of all participants have learned it on more than hundred seminars I did all over Germany and Austria for medical doctors and natural healers. You test not only for you – and others- which food is good and easy to digest for you, you test as well vitamins, minerals, cosmetic products, every day used products – if they are the best for your body or not. You learn to test as well if the medication or supplement, you are on, is the best for you and how often and how much you need the medication. With some training and as an advanced tester you can test even much more. And it is fun and often very surprising. Men like to take part in the advanced seminar which teaches in theory and practice to measure how far we should stay away from radiation and electromagnetic fields from different kinds of light bulbs, sockets, computer and other devices. These abilities you can learn here with me during your holiday in Cyprus.


If you want to educate yourself by reading I can recommend to you the following authors. Depending on your interest the one or the other author will appeal more to you. Look at the books of each author and let your intuition guide you – or test it direct if you are in control of one already. Note that the question you want an answer for is very important. So do not ask “Is it good for me to read this book..” ‘But ask: “Does the reading of this book will lead me to an increase of my consciousness and spiritual development” or something similar but precise.

By reading and occupying yourself with the theme the spirit is stimulated to perceive other perspectives.  

I suggest the following authors to start with: Jacob Lorber, Eckhart Tolle, The Dead Sea Scrolls of the Hebrew University, Vywamus, Laotse. If you like occupy yourself with the basic of Aura and chakras. It is difficult to find correct books about that theme. Better you test the book before you buy it with this question: “Is more than 70% of the whole book the truth”. It is a waste of time to read books which are not even true….. (I personally do not read books, articles, magazines, news-reports which have less than 70% truth in it)                 



And never forget – YOU ARE UNIQUE - that is why you do not follow the others –and you look for your own path!!!!!