Amalgam-replacement, preparations and detox

My name is Samantha-S. and  I suffered from age eight until age 25 from swollen and painful knees. Doing sport in school and being active as other teenagers was not possible for me. I was treated with all sorts of medication and even with electroshocks but without result. I developed gastric problems, red and hot spots in the face and upper body, mood swings and finally I got the idea that I might be poisoned. Different medical tests could prove that my levels of mercury, lead and zinc have been 23 times higher than normal. The only source from where it could have poisoned my whole body and system was my mouth with 15 amalgam (silver looking) fillings. I decided to remove them in two sessions and to start as well studies to become a naturopath and help other people with the same symptoms. After the first session where 7 fillings were drilled out and replaced with white cement the miracle happened.  I could get out of the chair at the dentist and was for the first time without pain in my knees.  My skin quickly recovered and sometime later all gastric symptoms disappeared as well.

That happened more than 30 years ago and meanwhile I dedicated my life to help others in finding the root cause of their health problems. I am a studied naturopath and did a degree in homeopathy and acupuncture but the best, quickest and most modern way is using a Bioresonance-computer for testing and therapy.

Here is the best plan for a safe and healthy removal of toxins from the body:

Before the replacement:

An x-ray is taken with the latest Gendex Panoramic system by Dr. Lenia Efthymiou to clarify if there are other hidden problems in bone material or roots. You take a form with the marked fillings to be removed plus the x-ray copy ev. with remarks from Dr. Lenia Efthymiou for further investigation to me, Dr.h.c.hom. Samantha-S. Malekides-Kruse. I have worked as well in Germany with dentists and have more than 25 years of experience in testing and treatments of all types of health problems with Bioresonance-computer and kinesiology-testing. 

A computerized test (Bioresonance computer) of kidneys, liver and lymphatic system in my practice in Emba will follow to make sure that the body is in good condition for the detox of the compounds of the amalgam. If kidney, liver and/or lymphatic system show deficiencies, a therapy can be done immediately (takes only a few minutes).

In a second step you will be tested if other support with supplements or other natural substances is necessary.

Each single filling will be tested to find out in which hierarchy they need to be drilled out. If necessary the condition of the root or investigation of other problems indicated on the x-ray can be tested as well.

A customized plan is made with advice for you. The overall percentage of health is tested to be compared later on with the condition after removal of the amalgam. These tests and up to two therapies can be done in one appointment at my place in Emba-Paphos.

You take the form with the notes in which hierarchy the fillings should be best drilled out back to Dr. Lenia Efthymiou. (To drill the fillings out in a customized hierarchy is important because each tooth has an energetic relation to one or more organs …) Dr. Lenia decides how many amalgam-fillings can be removed in one session – usually up to 3 fillings are no problem for the prepared body system. You will be given a sample of the drilled out amalgam-pieces to use it for your individual detox. The individual detox with the Bioresonance-computer in my practice needs to be done as soon as possible after the removal of the amalgam-fillings. This will need only about 30minutes including testing and eventually one more therapy to support kidney, liver or lymphatic system. (It is recommended to make an appointment for the detox at the same day of the removal of the amalgam.)

Usually after 1 – 2 weeks your body is ready for the removal of the next lot of amalgam-fillings. (In some cases it can be done earlier). After each removal session some pieces of the collected amalgam is brought for another detox to my practice. You will be connected with small electrodes to the Bioresonance-computer and the inverted frequency of the individual sample of the amalgam is applied on the area of the jaws or where else the amalgam is stored in the body (joints like knees or hips, or lymphatic areas e.g. armpit or digestion system).  

You might feel a bit tired after the therapies because some of the organs work hard in eliminating and getting rid of the unwanted substances. It is absolutely necessary to drink during the days of detox 2 – 3 liters of water or diluted juice or herbal teas. After a few days nearly all clients feel a difference because the immune system will rise and the energy level for all organs is rising too. The overall percentage of health can be tested again and compared to the percentage from before. 

Frequently asked questions:

What will happen if the amalgam-fillings are removed without that I undergo a detox treatment? The compounds of the amalgam like lead, mercury, zinc, silver… are after some time (starting some months after being filled in a tooth) transported by the lymph and the small blood vessels at the root of the tooth to other places in the body. They are “stored” mainly in joints and lymphatic organs, causing a reduced immune system, digestion problems and often pain in joints. After removal of the amalgam no further “leakage” from the tooth to the places where it is “stored” will happen. But the remains will still be stored in the joints and possibly elsewhere. Only a customized detox will remove those from joints and lymphatic organs.

What are the costs for a personalized detox?   All testing and preparation can be done in about one hour. You receive an individual plan. You pay € 90 for it. For each additional time you come with your probe of amalgam and receive treatment and testing you pay € 30 (needs about 30min).

For further information you can call Dr. Lenia Efthymiou – 26-946863 

and for testing and information about detox, preparation and aftercare:

 Dr. h.c. hom. Samantha-S. Malekides-Kruse –  Tel. 99-756094               email: