You will possibly ask yourself „What has Herpes to do with Energy saving bulbs? “ Short answer: Both have influences on our immune system!

I will prove it to you in practical tests and demonstration at the end of the lecture. So please allow me to give you some information first………

Herpes viridae is a DNA virus – the word originates from the Greek word “herpein” which means “to creep”, referring to the latent, recurring infections….


There are 90 types of herpes found in animals

But only 4 types are active in humans

1.    Herpes simplex

Type 1 – head area                   and Type 2 - genitals area

Irritation of skin – starting with tension and tightness of skin

Danger if eye gets infected by the virus – loosing irreversible sight of the eye


2.    Varicella-zoster-virus

Causing chicken-pox and later – reactivated – Zoster

The Virus hides at the knots of the nerves leading to an inflammation of the nerve – the virus then follows the nerve to the skin surface – is very painful, mostly one side of the body only, red and break out of blisters – can lead to a lifetime neuralgia- post herpetic neuralgia

3.    Epstein-Barr-Virus

Known as Mononucleosis infectiosa or “kissing disease” (Pfeiffersches Drüsenfieber”- mostly in children with the age 15 to 19

4.  Cytomegalo Virus

Can be found all over the body but specially in salivary glands


A recent study links infection with CMV to high blood pressure because the virus creates a protein called “renin” that is known to contribute to high blood pressure. As well as an infection of blood vessels endothelial cells with the CMV in humans is a major cause of atherosclerosis.

Alzheimer disease: Herpes viruses were found in the brain because the immune system of the person was too weak to cope with it. When the cells die in the brain, plaques are formed which lead to the symptoms of loss of memory, and restricted speech capacity.


In general with a virus infection we can detect swollen lymph glands, the spleen is affected and our immune system has to work hard.

Usually the virus enters the body through the skin or mucous membrane by attacking a host cell. In the host cell – most times it is a nerve cell – it reproduces and is later found to be in all liquids of the body.

It can be transmitted not only through direct contact but also through napkins, towels, and dish towels….etc.  In tests the virus survived 48 hours in a towel and even washing with 40 degrees did not kill the virus. It can stay alive up to 8 weeks on surfaces. The virus can also be transmitted through the air.

Why do we catch it? Why do some people catch it and others not?  Why do we get it at this moment?

The answer is our immune system. More than 90 % of the population has had contact with one or more types of the herpes virus. But only when the immune system is down – the virus is able to get activated and can reproduce itself. It is literally an outbreak……Our defending system is momentarily weak. The weakness can be caused by any type of stress: sun-rays, menstruation, lack of sleep, and even just by phobia (disgust).


Common treatment can only treat the symptoms. With acyclovir and creams containing zinc for the blisters, never put fatty creams on blisters, fat helps the virus to survive. Tooth brushes have to be changed as well as changing the liquid for keeping contact lenses. Frequently hand washing is a must…


In experiments the sugar of the liquorice root killed the virus within 9 days when fed with it. The sugar blocks the production of a specific protein which is necessary to hide the infected cell. It will be detected and killed by its own lymph cells.

In my practice I do not only treat the symptoms of the herpes virus, with three steps I kill the virus and prevent it from coming back!


I treat individually and not necessarily in this hierarchy……

First step:    When skin shows signs of the herpes virus

Laser: With an infrared laser the area where the virus supposed to be, will be lasered for some seconds – the laser goes below the skin surface and reaches the virus. It dries the skin and prevents blisters, it closes open wounds and works as an disinfectant

Second step: test for the type of Herpes Virus and treatment with the Nosode

With BRT (Bioresonance-therapy with Bicom Computer) the inverted frequency of the virus will be applied on the skin. This deletes the information of the virus and defangs it.

Third step: To have long lasting results it is necessary to strengthen the

Immune system. I test individually how this can be done.


Nosode: a drop of the virus or bacteria diluted and used in ampoules for treatment by injection or bioresonance-computer or testing