Lyme disease - borrelioses

Is a very complex illness which first of all –


-        Is not even recognized as an illness by most of the doctors. They ignore the accumulation of specific signs which – all together- create the characteristic of the Lyme disease. These doctors treat the patients mainly with psycho-pharmaceutical remedies and made them believe something is wrong in their mind. The main reason why they do not recognize it, is because the ordinary blood test – the ELISA-test- will not show positive for borrelioses (which is the dominant bacteria in this disease.) In medical terms the disease is called “borrelioses” which is the used name in German speaking countries and it gives the name to the disease.

In Europe are 130 types of borreliose-bacteria and only very few laboratories have the capacity to test for all of the types. Instead of testing all the 130 in Europe existing types of borrelioses there is another way for a laboratory to test positive. It is a test for the so called OSPA-maker, which can be found in the blood of all borrelioses-patients. But there are only very few laboratories in Europe which specify their tests with this method.


-       Co- infections


When getting the result from a laboratory which is specified for such tests, the patient will be found positive not only for borreliose-bacteria but as well positive for other types of bacteria and viruses. These are mainly: Eppstein-Bar, Ehrlichioses, Babesia, Mycoplasma…, Staphylococcus, and others not to mention….  Why is this? Meanwhile it is well known that the Lyme disease is not only transmitted by a tick bite. A bite from a tick which carries the bacteria and viruses. In Western Europe dears and other in forest areas living animals are carrier of the bacteria and viruses. It needs only a bite of a mosquito which has sucked blood before from a carrier of those pathogens to be infected.   


-       Symptoms


Depending on the individual immune system of each patient the symptoms are varying. The bacteria and viruses will normally attack the weakest area of the body. Spreading through the blood system the pathogens can attack the muscles and tissues, creating pain and a feeling of heaviness in muscles, finding it difficult to move and/or red rushes on the skin with itching or pain. The pathogens can as well manifest in one or more organs, mainly the lymph system, the liver, the brain, the spleen. The effected organ will work lesser and lesser and at this stage treatment is absolute necessary. Another place for the pathogens to attack is to attack the bones. This will lead to massive pain – mainly in joints. In combination with attacking muscles patients can lose control over them and can end sitting in a wheel chair. Nerves can be under attack of these pathogens as well. Sleeplessness is one mayor symptom.

After being bitten and getting the pathogens into the body, the body reacts usually with fever and the patient will have symptoms like a cold or bronchitis. At this stage the body tries to kill the bacteria by rising the temperature. The patient will feel lack of energy, tiredness most of the time and then depending where the pathogens will wander symptoms as head, neck, and pain in joints will start ….



-       Treatment


Only very few doctors and therapists can overlook the whole picture of this disease.

The pathogens can as well “jump”, that means one week the pathogens are mainly in the muscles and joints creating pain during movement and after being treated for that the pathogens move from the muscles and joints to the liver and creating a feeling of a hardness in there and pressure and tiredness. Why is this? A good treatment will kill an amount of those pathogens. But the leftover of those pathogens are still in the body and need to be transported out of the body. This is usually causing the problems and side-effects. The liver and the lymphatic system are in most cases not capable of removing in a short time all the debris. That is why after a treatment with ozone or a hot sauna or a treatment with the Bioresonance-computer using the inverted frequency of the borrelia- the patient feels worse.


So what to do?


First of all: Forget about the promises you hear and read about – that the Lyme disease is curable in a few weeks time – that is simply not possible!!!!!  In most of the cases the Lyme disease exists too long and the immune system has severe damages and therefore it needs some months to start to build it up and kill and remove only so many pathogens as the client can cope with.

I have to admit in some patients I have had – the pathogens where localized mainly in the brain/head area in combination with muscle pain and tiredness and severe headaches. Only in this combination – with support of the immune system of the client-  it needed about 6 weeks time and treatment every 4 days -with Bioresonance mainly- to get rid of all symptoms, clean the organism from the pathogens and rise the lymphatic system and the immune system to normal levels – or even better than normal levels.


I did of course a deep research in the internet about methods for “curing”. The deepest and profound way with excellent results is the method of Dr. Klinghardt, a medical doctor, who is German and since many years in “the silicon valley” in America running a clinic.

He has a lot of u-tube videos online both in German and English language. He does as well tests with kinesiology (arm-muscle test) and is using a Bioresonance-computer among other methods.  Since I am familiar with both I looked deeper into it and I was astonished that I am using already his “protocol” to treat other chronic problems of patients.

The Klinghardt Protocol (based on over 900 successful treatment cases)

The treatment of Lyme disease requires 4 distinctive steps:

  • Decreasing toxic body burden/unloading the system
  • Improving disturbed physiology
  • Decreasing microbial count
  • Immune-modulation

Decreasing toxic body burden/unloading the system

  • Low EMF (turn off all fuses, sleep sanctuary, turquoise light/photon wave to increase melatonin and non-REM Delta sleep)
  • Non-toxic/allergenic bedding material (cave: flame retardants/PBDEs)
  • Avoid light/noise pollution at night

The first two steps – decrease toxic burden and increase physiology

I do that with all my chronic ill clients and it will be tested and carried out individually. We test for blockages, bacteria, viruses, toxins and eliminate them with Bioresonance computer- therapy and remedies from those therapies. The client will be tested for the best diet as well.


Before we start with the therapy I test the percentage of health of the lymphatic system and the body in general. This will be compared to the result after each therapy. The lymphatic system has to reach minimum 75% of health before we can start with neutralizing and killing of pathogens. The liver and kidneys have to be at least at the same level. Only at that state the body is capable to have additional therapies as ozone and sauna. Doing it before the lymphatic system can cope with it, will increase the pain and make the life really miserable for the patient. That refers as well to all other remedies and different drops and supplements – there is a long list and money making industry behind it – selling it all to people in pain and fear. BUT EVERY SINGLE REMEDY NEEDS TO BE TESTED – if it is helping at all, having side-effects – or even being bad for the patient as well as for the dosage. I have put together such a list as well – with helpful and supporting remedies – but only a few are really needed after the first two steps of the protocol.


Best recommendation is – to learn testing yourself – either with a tensor, a pendulum, a self-muscle-test or by testing your pulse. As soon as my clients are out of the critical phase I suggest them to learn one of the testing methods. To have reliable testing results you need a proper method – look under seminars on my website and you find a link to “seminars”.


After getting rid of burden and blockages – we want the pathogens to come to the “surface” of the body. They are easier to treat and kill and neutralize at the surface than in deeper organs or bones. Being close to the “surface” they can be easier removed with Bioresonance and ozone and heat. The pathogens are killed with temperatures over 40 degrees. That is why sauna is helpful – but only if the lymphatic system can cope with it….. Meanwhile there is a clinic in lower Bavaria (Germany) which treats successful Lyme-disease clients by putting them in a fever state of 41 degrees temperature for a short time. .......  Pathogens within the joints and bones can be only reached by ozone injections straight into the joint – or given intra venous. This needs to be tested each time and needs a doctor or therapist who can test! Dr. Klinghardt recommends ozone only every 3 months – it needs the time in between to cope with the neurotoxins.



are the first choice and very effective killing most of the pathogens when applied at the early stage – short after being bitten. After the pathogens have spread and manifested somewhere in the body – antibiotics can only minimize the pathogens. By taking the same antibiotic for an extended time the pathogens get used to it and become even stronger. Do not underestimate the side effects of the antibiotics! It needs to be tested if the side effects are lesser than the benefit before taking the antibiotic. Of course antibiotics can kill only bacteria and are not killing the viral pathogens.


Natural remedies – supplements


After you have read the above, you understand that a treatment of this complex form of chronicle disease cannot be done with a box full of remedies – according to any doctor’s protocol.  All these remedies were designed for people who do not know what else to do – are full of pain and fear and literally “grasp” any straw. I am not blaming the doctors – in most of the cases they do not know better and hope that some of those remedies will at least help a bit.

If you still have some energy left, learn to test – or go to someone who can test for you –

And find out:

-          To whom to go for therapies (write a list down with names of recommended therapists)

-          Which therapy will suit you best at your stage of illness

-          Which additional therapies will be good for you (ozone, sauna, clearing your past, stabilizing your emotional health….)

-          Write down the progress of your healing or set back after each treatment – you may need to find out what helped best


Written by Samantha-S. Malekides-Kruse to my best knowledge at the time of writing (December 2016)

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