(Health & Wellbeing Festival, Paphos – 2004) by Samantha-S. Kruse


Thank you for coming all to this seminar – that shows that you are interested in helping yourself and that you are taking responsibility for your condition.

To begin with I refer to the basic of my talk on the exhibition last year with the topic of cronic problems. May be you remember the cooking pot? That represents our organism – our body                    (pic 1 )


As long as it is not full – we are healthy and have no symptoms – over the time – our pot fills – and to be without symptoms again – we have to take some out of the pot to prevent it from overflowing – we have to eliminate some.


Today we concentrate on viruses, bacteria and vaccines. Which we all have come into contact with during our life. These materials are poisoning the body which it wants to get rid of through all chanels available (skin, – urine system, liver, lungs, intestines). The defense mechanism of our body with our blood cells, the lymphocytes ( I do not want to go too much into details) are like policemen and surrounding the bacteria/virus and stall them. Later on, the left over bacteria/virus are kind of  “stored” in the tissues (mostly the fatty ones) of our body. That is why – as we become older and have had more contacts with bacteria and viruses our immune system is more and more occupied with stalling them.    


Why to get rid of them ?

Because our immune system can improve automatically since more lymphocytes are available for other purposes. Also more and more people come up with symptoms and malfunctions which refer to a basic illness which was only cured on the surface. The reason is a nonsufficent healing of the basic illness and remnant toxins of bacteria and viruses and other pathological substances which persist in the body and lead to disturbances.

Most of the symptoms can be brought into relation with infections which often lay in the past. These are disturbances which have their basic reason in bacterial or viral infections which were treated at their first beginning with suppressive methods like antibiotics and corticoids. Symptoms can also be introduced in connection with vaccinations. For example after having a FSME – meningitis vaccination (which is done very often in forest areas where ticks are) very common symptoms are: abnormal high nervosity, lack of concentration, pain in joints, or neurological disturbances.

As an example you start with an infection of the intestine and get antibiotics; some people develop a massive dysbiosis of the intestine with steadily flatulences and fungus. That relates to food-allergies and sometimes to symptoms of the skin. The method to resolve all the problems is to test which antibiotic is needed for a drainage.              


How to get rid of bacteria and viruses ?

Let me explain first what nosodes are.


What is a Nosode ?

The origin of the word “nosode” is the greek word “nosos” meaning disease. There is also a connection with the Latin word “noxa”, the root of the term “noxious” in that the use of nosodes involves potentially dangerous, noxious materials as its basis.


A Nosode is a homeopathic preparation made from a disease or pathological product. Substances such as fecal, urinary, respiratory, discharges as well as tissue and blood products are used in the fabrication of nosodes.

Nosodes are divided in 4 types :

-         viral nosodes  (made from viruses for example influenza-virus )

-         bacterial nosodes (made from bacteria f. e. coli bacteria, dysentery bacteria,etc.)

-         combinations (vaccination DPT, Diphtheria, Pertussis (whooping cough), Tetanus and others

-         preparations from pathological changed organs or tissues (for example carcinomium made from cancer tissue)


The preparation of nosodes derives from homo-toxicology, a type of homeopathic therapy created by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in Germany around 1933.

The dosage of nosodes are in very minute and diluted forms, thus nosodes are not nearly as harmful as the untreated pathological product. It sounds unpleasant but the preparation using sterilisation and alcohol as well as the repeated dilution essentially renders the substances harmless, while producing a powerful remedy.


How are nosodes used ?

The traditional way is that one - or sometimes more – are injected. There is also a company in Germany which has the most common bacteria like tuberculinum and medorrhinum as drops for oral use. Both methods injection and oral use – can provoke reactions to the body. These reactions can as well uncover the origin of the illness.

That is why only well trained and experienced therapists are doing therapies with nosodes. It is essential to do drainage as well to make sure that the toxins can leave the organism.

BUT  nowadays there is an easier way for the use of nosodes. And there are virtually no side effects with this method.

How to use nosodes with the BRT ?


First of all what is bioresonance-therapy ( BRT) ?

I have to cut the explanation very short but I am prepared to answer all your questions concerning BRT at my stand upstairs later on.....

The principle of the homeopathy is to use very high diluted materials (all type of materials from plants, minerals etc.). With a high dilution  no more material can be found in the remedy.(Are you familiar with what high dilution is and how it is done ?)

But the practice and tests have proved over the years that some people are recovering instantly with homeopathic remedies. Research found out that through the method of shaking the bottle when diluted, an energetic pattern is build up. Let us call this pattern – a frequency. Nowadays – as a modern way – we can create frequencies with a computer. I was trained in Germany with the Bicom- Bioresonance computer and have used it for more than 20 years to treat all kind of illnesses in humans and animals.


HOW CAN  BRT (Bioresonance-therapy) BE USED ?

The Bicom - BRT computer can be used for diagnosis and therapy. For diagnoses and treatment the therapist would place some electrodes on your body and you can either sit or lie down and relax. It is totally painless and in general one treatment lasts for 5 to 30 minutes.

For diagnosis the BRT-practitioner will test some of the 140 pre-set programms on you whilst you are connected to the computer. The testing method combined with the BRT computer varies from practitioner to practitioner. Some therapists use kinesiology, tensor-testing, electro-acupuncture testing or pulse-test to detect which programme is needed for the patient. That gives a hint which organ is out of balance and creates pathological oscillations.

It is an easy, painless and quick way to receive information about organs like heart, liver, kidneys, intestines as well as hypo- or hyper-function of thyroid, or diabetes and much more...... In this way the real but hidden causes of your complaints can be detected and treated.


Before a treatment with a nosode can be done the therapist has to make sure that the toxins can leave the organism of the patient without creating problems. The test can be done easily and quick (within minutes) with the bioresonance-computer. Both kidneys, liver sometimes lungs and intestines will be tested for proper function. If  these organs are not working sufficiently a short therapy to bring back the organ to normal function, will be done. Testing the needed strength of the computer-program for the therapy gives an indication about the status of the organ.

After detecting the correct nosode or nosodes for the patient with a testing method the nosode will be put into the beaker which is connected with a cable to the computer. The nosode is the “input” for the computer. By programming the computer to use the frequency of the input – our nosode – it will be transferred to the output – where the patient is connected with another cable detached to an electrode. The therapy will last only minutes and different strengths can be used – as in homeopathy the different dilution levels.

Sometimes the patient is tired after the therapy and advised to drink lots of water for the next hours to help to waste the toxins. Very often after some hours already the patient feels much stronger and with a higher level of energy. This can be done with all the nosodes found.

Nosodes appear to stimulate the entire natural immune system to react against a specific disease. One of the many reasons that they have not been accepted in the “orthodox” medical community is that they do not produce specific, measurable antibodies! This “titer testing” is of little value in measuring effective immunity from nosode usage.

A nosode could be described as an oral vaccine in the sense that its purpose is to “immunize” the body against a specific disease. The major difference between a nosode and an “orthodox” vaccine is of course the extremely small (if any) quantity of physical “substance” in a nosode. Remember, it is the “energy pattern” or “frequency” that does the job in a homeopathic remedy.

It is important to note that nosodes are not necessarily given only for the disease to which they relate (for example giving a “flu nosode in a case of ``flu). In fact that is to underestimate and miss the importance and applicability of this relatively new therapeutic range. Empirically it has been found by Mr. Voll and Mr. Schimmel and others that certain diseases associate with particular nosodes.

                                                ( picture 2 )


Here are some examples of the diversity of effects of nosodes, though the full reference range of many hundreds of items is a matter of considerable learning of a well trained practitioner.


Disease Condition                                    Nosode Indication


Acne                                         tuberculinum, bacillinum, psorinum

Arthritis                                  streptococcinum, staphylococcinum,

                                                    apis mellifica, variolinum, vaccinium,                                                                                                                           influenzinum

Breast Cancer                         tuberculinum, medorrhinum, carcinosin

                                                         syphilinum, variolinum

Diabetes                                  parotidinum, diphterinum, tuberculinum,


Migraine                                 diphterinum, variolinum, vaccinium

Prostatitis                               tuberculinum, diphterinum, pertussin

Sciatica                                    influenzinum, staphylococcinum, streptococcinum

Warts                                        medorrhinum


One can reverse the starting place and view each nosode as a

polyvalent remedy – that is, capable of reaching out and de-energizing

many different disease conditions.                            ( picture 3 )


Nosode                                   Useful in Treating


Herpes (all)                           arthritis, canker sores, spleen, shingles, heart, nerve, pancreas

Morbillinum                         hypertension, multiple sclerosis, neurological disorders

Syphilinum                           swollen knees (woman), brain cancer, heart valve disorders, prostatitis, chronic gynecological problems

Typhoidinum                        intestinal complaints, liver, gall bladder, spleen, heart

Varicellinum                         arthritis, myocardial disease, multiple sclerosis, cranial nerve palsies, shingles


 Conversely, some nosodes come up time and again as trouble makers in many different conditions. Childhood vaccines are particularly notorious in this respect. I think we can go some way towards answering the mystery about where the present post-war epidemic of allergies has come from. At least part of the reason is the childhood vaccination programme, dropping toxins on the immune system, spleen, etc. which then results in malfunction. The child may avoid the whooping cough or diphteria, only to suffer with many more obscure and difficult-to-treat symptoms later in life.


I myself prefer to use homeopathic `vaccination` in which the body is accustomed to the noxious agent, in a very high dilution to stimulate the cellular defense system. It is safer, painless, cheaper and does not have the same side-effects as true vaccinations. (for those who are skeptical about homeopathic remedies, it is interesting to note that in the last great diphtheria epidemic in Glasgow, just before the advent of antibiotics, over 50 % of children died with conventional therapy, yet not one fatality occurred at the city`s homeopathic hospital.

There is a considerable body of evidence gathered over the last 200 years that strongly suggests they can actually provide immunity!

The father of homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was the first to use prophylactic remedies. He found that a girl whom he had treated with the homeopathic form of “Belladonna” for an unrelated problem, did not develop scarlet fever when the rest of her family became sick. He found the proof that Belladonna fitted the disease picture of that particular epidemic of Scarlet Fever. (Remember the principle of “like cures like). He went on to show that by administering Belladonna he could prevent and cure Scarlet Fever. Later, homeopaths also found that “Ailanthus” could also prevent Scarlet Fever.

Hahnemann later advocated the use of “Campher” to prevent or treat Cholera, He had never seen the disease, only heard descriptions of it from the East. Successful treatment and prevention of Cholera during this epidemic greatly popularized homeopathy throughout Europe at the time.

Other homeopaths found that “Lathyrus” is able to prevent Polio. “Mercurius Cynatus” was effective in preventing Diphteria. “Baptisia” was useful for preventing Typhoid fever. The list went on for measles, mumps, chicken pox, hepatitis, etc.               ( picture 4 )


But it is not only in ancient history that we find compelling evidence that nosodes can and do provide effective immunization. Take Polio as an example:


-        1850 Taylor Smith in Johannesburg, South Africa immunized 82 people with “Lathyrus”. 12 of the 82 were in direct contact with the disease in an epidemic area. There were no cases reported in any of the 82.    A 100 % success.

-        More recent times – Grimmer in Chicago “vaccinated” 5.000 young children with Lathyrus. None of them developed Polio.

-        Heisfelder, in a study between 1956 – 58 immunized over 6.000 children with this nosode. There were no side effects and no cases of Polio.

-        In 1975, during a Polio epidemic in Buenos Aires, “Lathyrus” was given to 40.000 people. Not one of these developed Polio.



There is strong medical and scientific evidence that homeopathic remedies are extremely effective, however because they are all natural products they cannot be patented. The major drug companies, and even governments, provide some opposition to homeopathy, and

most of the reasons for this are financial. Huge sums of money are made from chemical drugs, for the drug companies and governments alike.

Living in Cyprus, means there are restrictions regarding the import of the majority of homeopathic remedies. Vaccination with nosodes by injections are not allowed and pharmacies need a special licence to import nosodes for oral use.

These remedies are however, widely available in the UK, and Germany. The company HEEL is the best on the German market and have the biggest variety in combination-remedies and nosodes and are meanwhile exporting to England and Canada.


In my practice I work with 360 different nosodes, which I test and can use for patients with the bioresonance-computer. With this method the patient does not come into direct contact with the nosode. The benefits of this method are that the testing reveals the cause of the symptoms

giving an accurate diagnosis of the required treatment. And an effective drainage can be done with the bioresonance-computer.



 Nosodes as prophylactic manner


Influencinum D200  improves resistance against influenza, which is a combination made from different types of influenca viruses. It is taken as one dosage every 4 weeks through the winter together with immune stimulating  remedies (Pascotox). 


Pertussinum D 200 only one dosage and Corallium rubrum D4 several times creates resistance against the pathogene for whooping cough.




Tropical diseases – prophylactic measurements for travellers


Hepatitis D30 – every 7 days one dosage in combination with

Pankreaticum drops (containing Okoubaka)


Malaria tropica D30, every seven days one dosage in combination

with Pascotox drops and Chininum arsenicosum D6