Are you interested in solving your health issues?

Are you interested in being responsible for your own health?

Are you interested in obtaining knowledge about modern ways of healing?


These individual seminars are designed to enrich your life. The knowledge can be applied immediately, and what’s more it will take just 3 hours of your time.  You will be presented with both theory and practice during the sessions, and there will be a handout for you to take away.  The fee is low (between €40 and €60 per seminar) to enable you to join as many seminars as you wish.   

The seminar “Learn to test with a Resonance-Device” will help you to decide what food is healthy for you, which vitamins do you really need, and which cosmetics are best for you. You will learn to test for yourself and others as well as to decide which medication is the most suitable for you. In this 3-hour seminar you learn in theory about the benefits of knowing to test and how to do it correct to rely on the results. In the practical part you will test different water samples, food, vitamins and cosmetic products. You learn about food-allergies and -intolerance and  how to test which food is good for you or not. The identification test will show you how to detect if a product contains for example "wheat".  During the seminar you can try different models of tensors and find the most suitable for you, which you can buy at the end of the seminar. You will receive a documentation in written about the seminar.

Place: Paphos - Cyprus


Next seminar - "Learn to Test"

in September 2019, 

in my premises in Tala, Paphos, Cyprus


Learn to test via webinar

You learn quick and easy from the desk of your computer via skype in a 30-minutes tuition the basics of testing. You need to buy a tensor from me first, but when you book a webinar as well I will test for you which one is the most suitable for you. You receive as well all information needed by email as well as a compilation of the webinar-testing- course. The special price for it will be only € 40 for the one to one 30-minutes webinar. You need either a laptop with integrated camera or a separate camera on your screen and a headset - or microphone. I will have as well a camera and a microphone so that you can see the correct handling and I can always see you and correct you. This way you avoid making mistakes and learn the correct way from beginning. Contact me via the contact form to arrange this. 



The Advanced testing seminar is for those who want to learn about the different types of radiating waves and frequencies surrounding us (EMF - electro-magnetic-frequencies). Have you thought about their presence, the associated health risks, and how we can protect ourselves from potential harmful emissions? During the seminar you will learn about the electro-magnetic fields of mobile phones, portable phones, DVD/CD video-players and different types of light bulbs, LED, cables and electric plugs. In the practical part you will use your skills from the “learn to test” seminar and test the distances at which it is safe to be from electric devices with and without protection.  You will be shown how the ampules against radiation will minimize the EMF and protect you. At the end of the seminar every participant will test the same sources of radiation and the results will be compared to come of well in the testing. To qualify for this seminar you need some months experience with tensor-testing. 

Place: Paphos - Cyprus


Joining the Homeopathy-seminar you will discover by learning from the history of homeopathy that for each existing symptom there is a remedy. You will learn about potencies and how to use them, their many applications, which homeopathic remedies everyone should have in their home or for traveling, and how to select the right one.  We can explore your specific interest and for example discuss remedies to promote natural sleep and to bring welcome relief from worry up to depression. You will learn about the easy use of the 12 "Schüssler Salts" and how to use them for prevention as well.

Place: Paphos - Cyprus   

Next homeopathy-seminar

in June, 7th 2019

in my premises in Tala-Paphos



Extra exercises from Tibet           


                (Dao Yoga)                    September 2019


-        -     Liver cleansing


-        -    Neck and upper spine cleansing for painful conditions


-        -    Lower spine cleansing to remove pain


-          All exercises with breathing technique and leaflet


-          Recipe for very strong and effective natural antibiotic to do yourself.





Soul-journey                                                           August  2019


-          Preparations to get in contact with your soul


               Removing blockages (which stops your soul from contact with you)


Creating a sacred place for your soul


How to meditate to contact your soul




The power of Prayers                October 2019


-       -    Preparations for effective praying


-       -    Different types of prayer


-       -   10 prayers for you and every occasion


at my premises in Tala-Paphos - price 30 €


Perspective for seminars taking place June until December 2019:

-How to create an individual protection for yourself, your house, your car, your animals - with the "extruder".

- A new course of DAO Yoga will start - a purely spiritual Yoga with great effect to your health

- All about chakras and how to clean them, balance them and clean and heal the aura

- Working with the matrix, how to get what you want from life.....

- Learn a method to put your emotions into a flower, which you can bring to blossom.....



It’s fun to take part in the   Crystal-seminar . We drive first to a place where participants can easily find and dig out her/his own quartz crystal. Returning to Emba-Paphos you will learn about structure and shapes of crystals and learn how to physically and energetically clean and than energize your crystal.  You will experience how to programme the crystal for purposes of taking pain away, clearing the atmosphere and for protection. This seminar takes 4 hours including the trip and we need an additional car since I can take only 2 persons in my car.  You need a small shovel, a bag for the crystal and eventually gloves and sport-shoes for this trip.

Place: Paphos - Cyprus  or via Skype/online possible


During the seminar “Chakras – the energy-centers of our body you will experience and feel what a chakra is and learn where they are and how they work. You learn about their different colors and how to use them for healing, how chakras open and close and how they turn.  Chakras are believed to be energy-centers, which distribute the energy every 2 hours to a different organ.  In the practical part we test with food samples the reaction the food would cause for the organs, especially if you have an allergy. Having your own tensor is an advantage to test others.

Place: Paphos - Cyprus


If you suffer with stress related pain or blockages, negative or moody feelings, you will benefit from the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)-Seminar Scientific research has proven that our body responds to stress with a “fight or flight” response. Tapping on a sequence of points sends a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain (the amygdala perform a primary role in the processing of memory and emotional reactions).  We are telling the body through the tapping process that the experience can heal, that we process it through the body, the experience feels safe than. We use the tapping process for limiting beliefs, emotional patterns and all type of negative experiences. During this seminar you will learn how to get rid of all your fears with the tapping method.

Place: Paphos - Cyprus


The seminar Superbrainyoga is for those individuals who want to achieve a higher level of concentration and perception. The exercises associated with this study are fun and you will learn of the benefits for adults and children alike as well as scientific research and background. Background and presentation of the exercises in a 2-hours-seminar in Paphos- Cyprus.


The seminar Pranic Healing - healing with energies is meant for those who want to dive deeper into working with energies. It is an introduction with practical exercises. You learn how to feel energy, the aura, the chakras and to feel conditions of full and empty. What is pain and how can I remove it and how can I clean an energy-center and much more will be shown in the 3-hour seminar in Paphos - Cyprus.



Dao Yoga- education

During your holiday in Cyprus you will have on three days, each time 3 - 4 hours, tuition in theory and practice of Dao Yoga. You learn in this 3 days all 5 basic exercises with breathing Technic and 2 extra exercises.  Detailed documents will complete the seminar. You will find further details about Dao Yoga in the Dao Yoga column. The price for this course depends on the number of participants and is different to the other courses.

next Dao Yoga course starts September 2019 with part 1 - part 2 will be 4 weeks later - and part 3 will be 8 weeks later



in small groups or individual private tuition, via skype/online possible or here in Cyprus

Please contact me by email.


You can book me via skype/online and I help you to find a solution for your personal problems regarding your position in life.


Samantha-S. Kruse  -Paphos, Cyprus