on request possible at any time in Paphos, Cyprus 

seminar via skype possible



Seminar-program for 2018



Homeopathy-seminar                2018


- How can I help myself in different pain-conditions?


- What do I need to take with me when I travel?


- First-aid homeopathy remedies


- (Different potencies and when to use which potency, how often and how many to take…)



price:  50 € per person incl. info material and drinks




Numbers can change your life                                                       2018


- Russian Healing methods after Grigori Grabovoi



protect yourself with extruders                                                2018


- learn to protect yourself and others against nanoparticles and other influencies from air, water and    radiation




Extra exercises from Tibet          2018   


                (Dao Yoga)                          

-          -  Liver cleansing


-          -  Neck and upper spine cleansing for painful conditions


-          -  Lower spine cleansing to remove pain


-          All exercises with breathing technique and leaflet


-          -  Recipe for very strong and effective natural antibiotic to do yourself



price:   50  € per person incl. prints and drinks







-         --   Preparations to get in contact with your soul


 -   Removing blockages (which stops your soul from contact with you)

 -   Creating a sacred place for your soul


 -   How to meditate to contact your soul


price: 60 € per person incl drinks





The power of Prayers               


-         -   Preparations for effective praying


-         -   Different types of prayer


-         -  10 prayers for you and every occasion



price: 30 € per person



Next seminar - "Learn to Test"

September 2018  

in my premises in Tala, Paphos, Cyprus

you will learn:

- about different types of testing methods - 

- what are resonance-testing devices and how they work -

- to test for the quality of food -

- to test if a particular food is good for you or not (info about an allergy and intolerance)-

- to do different ways of testing 

- to find out if a nutrition contains e.g. wheat

during the practical part you can try all kind of tensors to find the best for you


including info-map and coffee-break                                € 50,00 per person




Coaching via skype

please ask for prices





next course starts in September 2018

second part - 4 weeks later

third part - 8 weeks later

reduced price (for Cyprus only) 225,00 €

at my premises in Tala-Paphos

you will learn:

5 exercises to clean all cells and organs of your body and awaken your connection to the source, 2 extra exercises for deeper cleansing and removal of negative energy from the past- for more info read about Dao Yoga in the special chapter